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Kingsdon Church of England Primary School
School Lane, Kingsdon,
Somerset TA11 6TE
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School Policies.
The following school policies are downloadable as Microsoft Word documents.

1. Accessibility Plan (968KB)
2. Admissions (917KB)
3. Attendance (927 KB)
4. Children Looked After (914KB)
5. Collective Worship (67KB)
6. Curriculum (925KB)
7. Disability Equality Scheme (949KB)
8. Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco (1127KB)
9. Freedom of Information (977KB)
10. Gifted and Talented Pupils (982KB)
11. Governors' Visits to School (915KB)
12. Health & Safety (64KB)
13. Home School Agreement (928KB)
14. Parental Complaints (24KB)
15. Payment of Governors' Allowances (913KB)
16. Performance Management (931KB)
17. PSHE (928KB)
18. Pupil Behaviour (924KB)
19. Pupil Discipline (935KB)
20. Race Equality (67KB)
21. Register of Pecuniary Business Interests (947KB)
22. Safeguarding Children (952KB)
23. Staff Health & Wellbeing (879KB)
24. Special Educational Needs (930KB)
25. Sex and Relationships Education (954KB)
26. Staff Discipline, Capability - links to Somerset Policy (35KB)
27. Staff Pay (1219KB)


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